HeckArt Studios | The Rooster- a short film
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The Rooster- a short film

About This Project

The end of a relationship sucks. Inevitably, one person is left feeling bereft and suddenly transformed into a mopey fun-sucking blob. They’ve lost their “better half”. They’ve lost their conīŦdence. They’ve lost hope. And they’ve lost a spectacularly ugly rooster statuette named Roger. From the writer of “Recount” comes a screenplay that humorously explores what we lose when the love is gone.



  • Written by: Danny Strong
  • Directed by: Eli Gonda



  • Danny Masterson
  • Carla Gallo
  • Mike Lavoie
  • Carlos Ramirez
  • Danny Strong


  • Production
  • On set/Pre Vis

Rooster Logo


Post, Production